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Bild på Nathalie Pereyra, ekonom på JGA

Meet Nathalie – The Economist Where Nothing is Impossible

Nathalie is the economist who is passionate about change management, where nothing is impossible! She has great drive and loves to create efficient and secure processes. Additionally, she always chooses to see things from the bright side.

Nathalie Pereyra began her career journey at JGA in 2010, initially as a newly graduated accounting economist. Initially, she worked as a receptionist and economist, but has since moved on within the group. Today, she is not only an economist but also a project manager for the implementation of IT systems, and a strong driving force within the group’s administration.

Influencing her role

For Nathalie, nothing is impossible. She is passionate about creating efficient and secure routines and administrative processes, and she loves problem-solving!

Her role is broad, and no day is like the other, something Nathalie sees as positive. Her broad role and varied tasks also mean that she has built a wide network – both within and outside the organization.

She is also positive about having been able to influence her role within the company, where project management is close to her heart.

“My job is very varied, both in terms of tasks and the people I collaborate with in different projects. Since I am a driven person, it’s fun to participate in change management both in larger and smaller projects. It’s an ongoing process where there is always room for improvement, which suits me,” says Nathalie.

Close dialogue between departments

The fact that JGA is a place where many different competencies work together and closely is something Nathalie appreciates. It provides a good overview of the entire group’s operations and an understanding of the various business areas. In her role, she has daily contact with the various departments and operations.

“The close collaboration and daily dialogue between the group’s different business areas and departments are very rewarding and give a better understanding of the operations,” she says.

Future industry within forestry and wood

Working as a project manager, as a complement to her economist role, suits Nathalie excellently. And her drive is evident both at work and privately, where she always has new projects underway.

“I find it hard to say no, I want things to happen and get done! The feeling of having solved a problem is the best thing there is! Moreover, working in a future industry and with a product that is in focus – both in terms of economics and sustainability – is both eventful and exciting!” concludes Nathalie.

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