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High-Quality Wood Products and Construction Materials

JGA is your flexible and reliable partner when it comes to high-quality wood products and construction materials. With more than 90 years of experience in the wood industry, we offer a wide range of sawn timber and sustainable building materials from local, Swedish timber.

Customized Wood Products

Since our inception in 1928, we have been delivering high-quality, sawn, and processed wood products from our sawmill in Linneryd, Sweden. Today, we stand as a modern and knowledgeable partner in the forestry industry. Our extensive product range includes everything from planed and sawn construction timber to T&G panels and studs in 2.4 and 2.5 lengths.

We manufacture wood products in both standard dimensions and custom dimensions to suit your specific needs and preferences. Annually, we supply approximately 250,000 m3 of timber, of which 70% is planed timber. These products are shipped, both within Sweden and for export to countries such as Holland, England, Denmark, Poland, and the USA.

High-Quality Wood Products

Quality has always been a guiding principle for us, and we take pride in our products. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that each product meets our high-quality standards. The timber is carefully inspected throughout the entire process to ensure that we live up to our customers’ high requirements and expectations.

Care for the Raw Material

The raw material is the heart of our products, and we actively work towards a sustainable and long-term forestry. We are locally rooted, and our raw material primarily comes from private forest owners in southern Sweden. By-products generated in the production process are transformed into renewable biofuel, a crucial step in maximizing the utilization of raw materials and reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainability and the Future

Sustainability, for us, means caring for our co-workers, the society, the planet, and our environment. We value the local, take care of our raw materials, and work to reduce our carbon footprint. We are quality and environmentally certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001, and we continuously work on improving our operations, both to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a thriving rural community.


Special dimensions and precision-cut lengths upon request.

We hold the European certificate number 0402-CPD-37 66 04, for CE marking of stress graded construction timber.

We sell PEFC and FSC certified timber which allows us to sell the FSC mix.

Our kilns are approved for Kilning KD 56°C/30 minutes.


Thickness 16, 22, 47, 65, 75 and 100 mm
Width 75, 100, 125, 150, 160, 175, 200, 225 and 250 mm
Grade U/S V, C18, C24, TR26, VI+, VI, and VII
Lengths 2,4 – 6,0 m in 30 cm modules
Stud lengths 2,4 and 2,5 m


Thickness 16, 25, 47, 63 and 75 mm
Width 75, 100, 125, 150, 160, 175, 200, 225 and 250 mm
Grade U/S, V, C24, VI+, VI, Packaging and VII
Length 2,4 – 5,4 m in 30 cm modules

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