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High-Quality Wooden Packaging for All Needs

JGA Emballage offers customized and high-quality wooden packaging for all purposes. We are one of the leading manufacturers of wooden packaging in southern Sweden, delivering customized solutions to companies nationwide from our modern production facility.

Our Packaging Products

Our extensive product range includes everything from pallets and crates to custom-designed product displays. We manufacture both standard and custom dimensions, cost-effectively and on time. Whether it’s larger, standardized series or customized special solutions, we can assist you. We also perform detailed actions such as corner cutting, hole drilling, or countersinking.

  • Produktion av träemballage vid fabriken i Skruv

Experience and Innovation

With a long history in packaging manufacturing, JGA Emballage represents quality and expertise. In our production, tradition and experience blend with technology and innovation. Our knowledge and highly automated production ensure efficient manufacturing and cost-effective, flexible solutions.

Wooden Packaging with Quality

For us, everything is about quality and precision. Our co-workers meticulously inspect the products throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. For smaller production runs, prototype manufacturing, crates, and similar packaging, we hand-nail, a process that makes us both flexible and showcases our meticulous craftsmanship.

Bild på virkestrave

Sustainability and Raw Materials

The raw material is the heart of our products, and we actively strive for sustainable and long-term use of forest resources. We are locally rooted, and our raw material comes primarily from private forest owners throughout southern Sweden. Proximity to our own sawmill provides us with a stable and reliable raw material supply while minimizing our environmental impact through reduced transportation. All by-products from our production are recycled as wood chips.

Wooden Packaging with ISPM 15 KD Marking

All our wood raw material meets the requirements of the Swedish Board of Agriculture according to ISPM 15. This means that all our products can be marked with the KD mark and can be exported worldwide. Regardless of where it is used, the packaging can be identified without accompanying documents.

More information about ISPM 15 marking at the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

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