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Our history – Refining local forest resources since 1928

  • 1928

    On October 28, 1928, Johan Gustaf Andersson founded the sawmill in Linneryd together with his wife Olivia. They quickly gained the full trust of the industry. The name JGA comes from Johan Gustaf, and the group’s parent company, O M Andersson, has been named after Olivia Matilda Andersson.

    Bild på Johan Gustav Andersson, grundare av JGA

  • 1929

    The production at the facility in Linneryd continues to expand. In 1929, the sawmill’s first planer was installed.

  • 1946

    Skruvs Lådfabrik was founded by brothers-in-law Erik Krondahl and Erik Hennerfelt. One of the first products manufactured was glass boxes for Skrufs Glasbruk. Afterwards, for many years, they produced beverage crates for companies such as Banco Bryggerier in Skruv.

  • 1953

    Virkesexporten påbörjas och vidareförädlade trävaror skeppas på lastbilar från produktionsanläggningen i Linneryd.

    JGA-lastbilar som transporterar virke

  • 1961

    Boiler and lumber dryers are put into operation at the sawmill in Linneryd.

  • 1966

    The packaging operations move to the current location in Skruv. A variety of wooden packaging and carriers continue to be developed and produced.

  • 1970

    A picture of the old planing mill at the facility in Linneryd.

    Bild på justerverket vintertid, men istappar hängande ner från taket

  • 1970

    MASAB (JGA Packaging in Emmaboda) was founded in 1970 by Magnus Strömberg. Initially, the business focused on industrial services, but over the years, it evolved to also include trading in building materials, manufacturing interiors and furniture, as well as construction engineering.

  • 1973

    The line for thinner timber at the sawmill in Linneryd is being constructed.

    Byggnation av klenlinjen vid produktionsanläggningen i Linneryd

  • 1975

    The second generation of the Andersson family, Erland and Ingemar, enter the company.

    Bild på tredje generationen Andersson

  • 1975

    The business for wooden packaging manufacturing in Skruv is acquired by the current
    JGA Group in Linneryd.

  • 1976

    New production facilities are being built in Skruv for the manufacturing of wooden packaging.

  • 1978

    JGA celebrates its 50th anniversary.

    Bild från JGAs 50-årsfirande.

  • 1985

    During the 1980s, MASAB (JGA Packaging in Emmaboda) underwent restructuring, resulting in the formation of three independent subsidiaries: MASAB Entreprenad AB, MASAB Mecan AB, and MASAB Trä AB.

  • 1990

    The first automated production line for more efficient manufacturing of disposable pallets is acquired for production in Skruv.

  • 1991

    Carl-Gustaf, Ing-Marie, and Lars-Göran Andersson. Article in Smålandsposten on December 5, 1991.


  • 2003

    The production area in Skruv is expanded with a new hall of 1,200 m², to which two additional highly automated robot-equipped production lines are acquired.

  • 2004

    E-commerce is introduced, and products from the sawmill begin to be sold also digitally.

    Bild från virkeslager med två personer som går ut från byggnaden

  • 2004

    The wooden packaging manufacturing within MASAB Trä AB is taken over by the current JGA Group.

  • 2007

    The production capacity at the sawmill increases, and the drying park is expanded with an additional 2 channel dryers and 3 chamber dryers.

  • 2008

    The second planing line is installed at the facility in Linneryd.

  • 2008

    Skruvs Lådfabrik AB and MASAB Emballage AB are merged in September 2008, forming JGA Emballage AB. Both companies were previously wholly owned by the JGA Group. After the merger, JGA Emballage AB had a turnover of over 40 million SEK and employed 30 staff members.

  • 2012

    Skånetimmer AB and Skånetimmer Bioenergi AB are now wholly owned by the OMA Group and become an integral part of the group’s forestry operations.

  • 2013

    The machine-sorted planing mill is put into operation in Linneryd.

  • 2015

    View over the facility in Linneryd.

    Flygbild över JGAs anläggning

  • 2017

    The planer installed at the sawmill in Linneryd in 1987 is being replaced.

  • 2017

    JGA Emballage relocates its entire operations to Skruv.

  • 2018

    JGA celebrates its 90th anniversary.

  • 2019

    The fourth generation of the Andersson family enters the company.

  • 2022

    The companies Skånetimmer, Skånetimmer Bioenergi, and JGA Skog merge to form the purchasing organization JGA Skog AB.

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