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At JGA, we strive to be an open, honest, and trustworthy business. In the event of misconduct, unethical behavior, or violations of laws and regulations, we want this information to come to light. At the same time, the person reporting should feel secure in knowing that the matter will be handled appropriately. Therefore, we have a whistleblower function.

We strive for sustainable operations. We aim to be part of a society that takes responsibility, one that cares about the future, the environment, and its people. We value transparency and stand firm in our principles.

In the event of irregularities such as legal violations, sexual harassment, or unethical behavior within our business, it is crucial that these come to light. It is equally important that they are handled appropriately. If you suspect someone is breaking laws or rules, or behaving unethically, we urge you to report it through our whistleblower function.

To ensure your safety as a reporter, we use an external entity, Nordic Whistle. They manage our incoming cases, allowing you to remain anonymous throughout the process. Through a case number, you can communicate anonymously with the handling agent. The agent managing the report is not involved in the case.

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