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Our Long-Term Commitment

To us, sustainability is synonymous with long-term thinking. By reducing our carbon footprint, caring for our co-workers, promoting sustainable use of forest resources, and contributing to good living and working conditions in society, we want to participate in shaping a better future.

Good Working Environment

Our co-workers are the heart of our operations. By creating a healthy, secure, and safe workplace for everyone, we lay the foundation for an accident-free and healthy work environment where each individual can thrive and have the opportunity to grow.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We know that our conscious and sustainable choices today directly impact our future. By reducing our carbon footprint and producing renewable products that replace less sustainable alternatives, we participate in the green transition.

Care for the Forest

The forest, with its biological diversity, is a fantastic resource. Through long-term and responsible use of raw materials, where we utilize every part of the tree, we contribute to healthy and vibrant forests, both now and for future generations.

Virkesinköpare i skogen vid en trave björkstockar.

Vibrant Rural Areas

We strive to support the local and take responsibility for the global in the ways we can. Everyone has the right to good living and working conditions in the communities where they operate. By supporting vibrant rural areas and making conscious choices in the supply chain, we can actively contribute to thriving communities.

Profitable Growth

A stable economic growth is necessary in order to address long-term sustainability issues. It provides us with the opportunity to drive more initiatives and investments, creating space for continuously advancing our operations.

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