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Quality and Environment

At JGA, our quality and environmental work permeate our entire operation. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and we continually strive to enhance our operations.

Our overall management system encompasses not only quality and the environment but also occupational health and safety, systematic fire protection, PEFC, FSC®, and self-control in accordance with our monitoring program. Our FSC license code is FSC®-C010895.

An integral part of our quality and environmental work is our group-wide policies and operating procedures. These procedures cover a wide range of areas, including waste management, handling of oil leaks, emergency preparedness, chemical management, reporting of deviations, incidents, and accidents, as well as continuous improvements. We constantly strive to become better and focus on areas where we can make the most significant impact.

Our Environmental Policy

At JGA, we will comply with Swedish legislation and the requirements of PEFC and FSC®. We will, to the best of our ability, ensure that the raw material does not come from illegal or society-unauthorized logging, such as key biotopes, forest areas where traditional or civil rights are violated, forests where high conservation values are threatened, genetically modified trees, or natural forests that have been logged for plantation or non-forestry land use. We will also work to ensure that ILO’s core conventions are not violated.

We will take good care of the local raw material, and we will strive to ensure that the largest possible proportion comes from sustainable forestry. We will develop relationships with local forest owners and provide forestry advice.

Through collaboration with transportation companies and raw material suppliers, we will minimize the environmental impact of transportation. Contracted forestry contractors should be certified, and requirements are set for developing environmental work.

Our goal is to have satisfied raw material suppliers to establish long-term relationships and strive for the least possible environmental impact in daily work.

Our Business Policy

Committed and competent co-workers are a fundamental prerequisite for us to meet the requirements of our customers. The business also needs to have a clear goal focus and actively work with customer satisfaction. The business follows the laws and regulations that are applicable.

A systematic and continuous improvement of management systems, processes, and products contributes to increased customer satisfaction and reduced environmental impact. Close collaboration with our suppliers is an important part of this work.

Reduced environmental impact is achieved through a specific focus on reduced air emissions, noise and transportation, as well as reduced waste and chemical use.

With our business management system as a tool, we actively work within the group to fulfill the above areas.

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